• Saturday, Aug 10th 2013
    Music Art Photography Geek

    Paris, A Resident's Perspective

    From 6th to 18th of August, Joanna Wong, Vesna Santak and I are running a photography and multimedia exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia, at the Greta Gallery.

  • Tuesday, Jun 25th 2013
    Music Geek

    Music Visualization Experiment

    This is a very quick experiment of music visualization. The display is computed in real-time by a hand-made program when playing the piano. Mixing skills and mediums.

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2013
    Cooking Drawing

    Matcha Tiramisu

    Learn how to prepare Matcha Tiramisu/Green Tea Tiramisu.


Jérémy Faivre

I create music, drawings, apps and websites
  for both professional and artistic purposes.

You can find me in Paris at miLibris
or simply email me at contact@jeremyfa.com.